[Archive] RAW - Ya-Ya-yah TV Show (2004)


[Archive] RAW - Ya-Ya-yah TV Show (2003)

It's been 7 years since Ya-Ya-yah disbanded. I'm already moving on, but.... like I always said: One does not simply, forgetting Ya-Ya-yah.

So I'm thinking of sharing some of the old Ya-Ya-yah TV show I have in my HDE. It's all raw video with a very low quality. Back then my internet connection speed was just as slow as a crawling snail. I downloaded from kamichan_ya3 .... or was it from his another journal? Since the old download link were in MF and MU, so I reuploaded to Mega for a future (belated) fans of Ya-Ya-yah.

Anyway, here they are:

2003.07.06 Renai Quiz
2003.07.13 Swimming Pool Battle
2003.07.27 Studio Price Guessing
2003.08.03 Livestage SP, Kanjani8
2003.08.31 Onsen Battle
2003.10.05 Slope Games
2003.10.19 Live SP
2003.10.26 Music Quiz
2013.12.07 Gachinko Battle
2013.12.28 VTR, Kanjani8, Magic

5 Johnny's Song to Boost Your Mood in The Morning

Good music in the morning will result in good mood for a whole day. I said that, not the research. At least you will able to say "Good Morning" to the people with the best smile on your face.  So here's my list for 5 Johnny's song to boost my your mood in the morning:

1. Wild At Heart - Arashi
I always play this song on the way to the office. Right from the intro is already risen my energy level. Honestly, when I heard this song for the first time, I felt that this song has more Kanjani 8 feel than Arashi. The lyrics itself full of cheering message. Even if you don't understand the lyrics, the song is so cheerful that you can't help yourself for not smiling :)

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So that was my list. Of course there's plenty of songs that can boost your mood in the morning too. You can share yours if you like :)) 

Handmade Arafes Uchiwa

Last Saturday, I went to Arafes 2013 screening with my friend. Even though I already saw it for a zillionth time. There's a handmade uchiwa contest and the prize was Arafes 2013 DVD. So tempting!

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La Tormenta Trip: NTV and Fuji TV

After Nagoya we're heading to Tokyo. Two must-visit places in our list are NTV and Fuji TV. My friend is big fans of Nino, so she really want to visit NTV especially during YowaKate season (?).

The first thing we saw when enter the building is this gigantic YowaKate banner. It's so big, like 5 meter in height or something.
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La Tormenta Trip

Stupid blogspot can't reload so then I decided to post about my trip to Japan last April here. Well, LJ is my fandom related blog, and I won't post it to my blogspot anyway. So, let's start!

We went to Nagoya on the first day. Landed in the morning (around 8 am) then went straight to city centre right away by train. We bought onigiri first at kombini for breakfast (budget flight won't give you any food, even candy!). Arrived at Nagoya station half an hour later then we put our luggage in the coin locker. Being stingy we could be, we decided to put our bag in the 300 yen locker and barely able to close the door properly XD. Then went to the tourism office to book our bus ticket to Tokyo.... but it's not possible! We had to book it via internet then pay it on selected kombini. The tourism officer told us there's internet cafe near the station, but we couldn;t find it (but then easily found it later just after we booked our ticket, wtf). Thanks God free wifi was available on the station so I can use my tablet to book it. After pay and print the ticket at kombini, we finally started wandering around Nagoya city.

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A package from a girl I met in Barcelona

Back in February, I had a trip to Barcelona to attend Jeffery Deaver's book signing event. In a hostel I stayed in, I met a Japanese girl. She was alone (and me too) so we decided to explore Barcelona together. A few weeks after that we met again because she visited Netherlands, I became her guide to walk around Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Den Haag. She even stayed a night in my place. It was so funny on how we communicate because she speaks in Japanese, then I replied her with English because my Japanese not that good, I can understand her but not able to reply.

Yesterday, I got a package from her. It's really unexpected. When I opened the package, I almost burst into tears because she send me Snoopy merchandise and Bokura ga Ita pamflet! Despite our short meeting, she still remember how much I love Snoopy and Ikuta Toma! It become more special because the package arrived only a few days after my birthday.

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We practically only meet for a week in total and she send a gift that exactly what I like. I don't know is it me that talk too much or she is really such a sensible person? I definitely will send her something from here, but not sure what she like. Well, I know she like art. Ugh... why I'm so not sensible...